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   Welcome to Hotel Ilha do Boi   l  

Imagine admiring a breathtaking romantic sunset in a place carefully chosen in the state of Espírito Santo. Great, isn't it? Better yet. You can not only see it, but you can also stay there! Where is it? It is located on one of the most beautiful islands of the city of Vitória. Whether on business or on vacation, you can enjoy the romantic ambience the hotel has to offer. Tip: Choose the Master suite (there is only one). It will be hard to get out of the hotel to enjoy a stroll in town.

SENAC/ES - Hotel Ilha do Boi
Rua Bráulio Macedo, 417 - Ilha do Boi
ZIP 29052-640 - Victoria - ES - Brazil
Tel: +55 27 3345 0111
Fax: +55 27 3345 0115



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